Kaito KA600L AM/FM/LW/SW Emergency Radio

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KA600L is 5 way powered AM / FM / SW /  LW / NOAA weather alert digital radio with solar,dynamo crank, flashlight and reading lamp. When it comes to charging your devices, this radio gets the job done.  This radio has excellent sound quality and sensitivity, it will pull in stations that others radios cant.  Yes, this radio even comes with a  long wave frequency between 150-521KHz . Long wave are frequencies below the AM broadcast band (frequencies typically below 535 kHz).  What might I find on longwave frequency?


The Kaito KA600L can be considered the "flagship" of all radios. This radio is simply exceptional with a wide range of functions along with 5 ways to power it, including solar power. Not only is the KA600L a great emergency radio, it would also make for a handsome addition to your desk, bookcase, nightstand in your bedroom (has wake up alarm) or anywhere else in your home. Also, an invaluable companion for the RV or when camping out.

The new model Kaito KA600L is an improved version of the mostly loved KA600, we made the following changes to make it better:
1. We increase the battery from 600 MAH Ni-MH battery to 2000 MAH Lithium Battery, lasts 3 times longer.
2. We double the solar panel size to charge the battery better.
3. We use a better speaker and make the sound soft and comfortable.

The Radio comes with 5 Way Power: 1. Rechargeable lithium battery,  2. Dynamo Cranking,  3. Solar Panel ,  4. USB Port from any USB charger.  5. AC Adapter ( Optional)

The KA600L Radio is a mini generator that can be used as power bank to charge your cellphone or other electronic devices that need a USB charge.

Check out the excellent reviews on YouTube for the KA600L

This is a high quality radio with bands and RDS , which will display the radio station and brief info of the station.:
With RDS and Thermometer and Humidity indicator.

What is RDS?
Radio Data System, or RDS, is a communications protocol standard for embedding amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts. RDS standardizes several types of information transmitted, including time, station identification & program information.


  • AC Adapter (Not Included, see below)
  • USB Micro Charge Cable For Kaito Radios
  • Warranty card
  • User Manual

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AM (MW):520-1710KHz
LW (longwave):150-521KHz
SW (shortwave):2,300-23,000 KHz
NOAA Weather:1-7
Internal speaker:Diameter 66 mm
Headset jack socket: 3.5 mm
SW < 30uV
Rechargeable batteries: 18650 Lithium 2000mAh
Dimensions: 9 ½ x 5 ½ x 2 ½ inches
Weight: 1 Lbs

Download KA600L Users Manual