Mineral Stones

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We are no longer stocking this item. If you wish to purchase, visit your local Safeway grocery store or health food store

 If you are looking to alkalize your Berkey purified water, please purchase a Santevia Power stick or the Power Pouch product. You can add the Stick or pouch to any water  bottle or glass and then add your Berkey water (max 20 oz at a time). This will produce alkaline water from any tap or filtered water.  (You can also add Power Stick or Power Pouch to a pitcher of water)

The purpose of these stones it to maintain the alkalinity of your water, resulting in  adding trace minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc to your drinking water. This absorption of minerals from stones recreates natural effect of the rocks that line fresh mountain streams, generating the same delicious, fresh tasting water.

*The pH of your filtered water needs to be on the alkaline side of the pH scale before the trace minerals from the stones will seep into your drinking water. If your Berkey purified water is neutral (pH7)or on the acidic side of the ph scale (below 7pH), these stones will have no impact on your Berkey filtered/purified drinking water.







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