Squeeze Bottle for Priming Black Berkey Purification Elements

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The easiest way for priming Black Berkey Water Filters

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - This 16 Ounce Squeeze Bottle is MADE IN THE USA
  • Leak proof lid
  • BPA FREE – these bottles are guaranteed BPA free.
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This item is provided FREE OF CHARGE with every system that is purchased

also included with every purchase of the Black Berkey Primer Tool and most Black Berkey Element purchases.




another option for priming BB9 filters is to use this squeeze bottle.

(introduce water into filter slowly)

for instructional video on how to prime filters with a squeeze bottle,

visit youtube.com and search "Priming a Black Berkey filter the easy way"

 *NOTE - If your filter has been previously primed;

1) Point filter stem downward, shake filter until water has left the filter.

2) Re-prime by squeezing water slowly into filter.

* This item will not purge (clean out) filters like the Black Berkey Priming/Purging Tool

* This item is not useful  for priming Fluoride Filters- you will need to use kitchen faucet