The filters will require more priming if filtered water is "cloudy" or has a "funny taste". Continue flushing water through filters until the water runs clear. Discard the first batch of filtered water.

If you are unable to use your kitchen faucet for priming Black Berkey Elements, another option is to use this squeeze bottle. (New elements will require 3 Bottles each to flush out factory residues)

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* Berkey Filter Priming Kits and Priming Squeeze Bottle are included with Berkey Water Systems. (Blemished Systems will only receive a priming squeeze bottle and red dye for optional testing)

* The long-awaited Stainless Steel Berkey Water View™ Spigot is here! (for now, only available in bundles)

* For quickest service please send us an email @

* Prices of Blemished Berkey systems can fluctuate depending on degree of scratches and/or dents

* Black Berkey Purification Elements have not been tested for the reduction of GRAPHENE OXIDE. We can not determine if the elements are capable of reducing/removing this contaminant.

* Attn USA visitors, please visit our USA page for purchasing systems. Small parts orders from (this site) can be processed and shipped via Canada Post/US Postal system.

* TIP - Cycle water through your Berkey everyday, this prevents filters from drying out


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION; While the system can efficiently purify raw untreated water, always use the cleanest,clearest water possible.  As an additional precaution, if using a source of water that you believe might contain extreme viral and bacteriological contamination, it recommended by the CDC, EPA and other organizations that approximately 16 drops of plain bleach (sodium hypochlorite) or iodine per gallon to treat the source water before purifying. (more info)

This should kill minute pathogens such as viruses in approximately 30 minutes. The disinfectant will then be removed after cycling the treated water through the Berkey System.