As of July 3rd we still have not received confirmation of when systems will ship. When we receive shipping confirmation, pre purchase will be available. One thing for certain is that we will receive systems sometime this month.  We continue to have a large inventory of filters and parts.   British Berkefeld system is in stock.

ESTIMATED Time Line as Follows;

* ETA of Travel / Big Berkey (both Blemished) is on or about July 20.

* ETA of ALL Regular systems is mid August.

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* Same or next day fulfillment. All shipments sent Canada Post.  Please monitor your tracking number

* BRITISH BERKEFELD (Classic Berkey! ) systems are IN STOCK

*We have Blemished Travel Berkey and Big Berkey arriving mid July.  possibly a few larger systems.  Monitor this page for updates.

* We are NOT affiliated in any way with an Amazon seller named "My Berkey". Their source is unknown.

*We are able to ship REGULAR (non blemished) Travel, Big, Royal systems if you have a U.S.A shipping address.  visit  for more info. (you must have USA shipping address)